Sunday, May 17, 2009


Todays rant is about family expectations. I am really getting tired of them, especially when they can never be met.

My case is a bit different from the rest. Most families want their children to grow up, get a haircut and a real job and be a productive member of society. They want them to have fulfilling, respectful relationships and live with love. I am actually doing all of that.

My family would rather that I spit out a dozen children (the father of these children is somewhat irrelevant, he could be a unemployed wife basher in and out of prison for paedephillia and that doesn't matter), live on the dole or some pathetic job that can be done in my little hometown and preferably give up my life's dreams and ambitions to be a slave to my mother. Worst still, when I do actually do something that may seem to meet these expectations, they could never be happy with it. Like changing the goal posts (i.e. why did you leave me here to rot in this town? Why couldn't you stay here like so and so?? Then I go back and be supportive.... this is horrible, don't want this or that, sit, roll over, jump - I SAID JUMP)

When I don't do this, I am made to feel pathetic and useless. Probably like ever other child that doesn't conform to their parent's expectations. But really, this isn't that I decided to be an artist when my family exptected me to be an accountant. Since when does getting a post graduate degree and a professional well-paying job make me pathetic!!!!!????? Since when does having standards mean I am criticising my family's choices??? How can you ever love someone that believes taking their BS shows how much you care? At what point should I just give up? I've somehow managed to remove all other people that suck out my soul from my life, but can you really do that to your family????

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  1. The love and respect of the friends you make over the course of your life is the balance to these're well loved Eva, and you don't have to expect family to understand your choices. They're often more concerned with triviality than letting people do what is best for themselves, unconditionally. x